Personalized wedding gadgets

Personalized wedding gadgets

The wedding day is the most important day in a person's life. Or rather, two! Alongside the protagonists of the celebration, however, there are also their guests: the guests.

Each participant will be emotionally involved in the ritual, due to the bond with the spouses. Why don't you make sure that the day of celebration is unforgettable for him too? You can easily do this by conveying his feelings and tying them to a tangible object, which he will be able to keep forever, so that his thoughts will return to the happy event every time he looks at it or holds it in his hands.

What object are we talking about? Of a wedding gadget, of course: an accessory of your choice that will complement the wedding favor and bring back the personalization you want. You can enter the names of the spouses, the date and place of the rite, a representative image or significant writing.

The wedding bag, a treasure chest full of surprises

In recent times, the habit of handing a wedding bag to each guest during the wedding celebration is spreading like wildfire. It could be the ideal wedding gadget. It is literally a bag, offered to each participant. Its peculiarity is that you can fill it with the object (or objects) you want.

The basis of every wedding bag is, of course, the bag. This means that you will necessarily have to start from choosing the bag you prefer and that best suits your style. It is advisable to select a model consistent with the mood of the wedding party: if there is a theme, even the bag will do well to respect it.


IEPICPRINT offers numerous customized shoppers, to meet every need. You can choose the style and material you prefer. If you are sensitive to environmental issues, we recommend our ecological shoppers: original and sustainable wedding gadgets. Each personalized bag can be embellished with references to the ceremony, in order to become a real souvenir of the day.

What personalized wedding gadgets to put in the wedding bag?

Once you've found the shopper that's right for you, you'll have to decide what to fill it with. In this phase, you have maximum freedom: you can in fact insert any customizable object or accessory you like inside the wedding bag.

There are some objects that are particularly suitable for becoming part of this modular wedding gadget, such as the following:


Personalized Tissue Pack: Contains 10 tissues in a stylish solid color pack, available in 6 colors. The package can be customized using a digital label or pad printing, both on the front and on the back. It is an ideal wedding gadget for any guest who will burst into tears… of joy during the celebration.


Heart-shaped anti-stress keychain: original gadget for marriage, celebration of love. The heart can be customized by pad printing both on the front and on the back and is soft, so that it can also act as an anti-stress should the emotional price of the ritual be particularly high. If the heart shape doesn't convince you, you can opt for the elegant house-shaped key ring. The symbology, this time, refers to the place where the spouses will keep their family, inside their home. It is a more sober wedding gadget idea than the previous one. The color of this key ring is white, the main color of the wedding ceremony.


30 ml tube of soap bubbles to celebrate the newlyweds. Frequently, engaged couples ask not to throw rice when leaving the church, or the place where the civil ceremony is held. If you also don't like celebrating by throwing food away, you can think of replacing it with soap bubbles: they are highly scenic and don't get dirty! To this end, you could give each guest a stick of soap bubbles. They are an extremely original wedding gadget and will also be appreciated by the photographer, who will be able to capture the bride and groom surrounded by wonderful bubbles struck by the light. If the wedding mood is elegant and you don't like the classic plastic tube containing the preparation, we can recommend the round stick for soap bubbles. Available in 6 colors and equipped with a safety string, it can be worn around the neck as a pendant.


Tin candy holder. Do you want to make the memory of the celebration sweet? What's better than a metal box full of sweet candies? Lovemint is a fun and original wedding gadget. Available in white or red, it is possible to engrave its surface by laser or pad print any writing or image to be applied on the tin.


Your wedding kit doesn't have to contain these items. Inside the wedding bag you can insert whatever you want. Search freely among the many proposals of IEPICPRINT the accessories you prefer and best adapt to the spirit and any theme of the wedding party.

You can also let yourself be inspired by the season and opt for gadgets that are also useful in the weeks following the happy event.

Seasonal gadgets for wedding guests

If the wedding bag doesn't appeal to you or you don't want to think about how to fill it, you can opt for other personalized wedding gadgets. The important thing is that the objects you choose perform the same function as the wedding bag: they are concrete keepers of the memory of the wedding, capable of evoking pleasant memories after the conclusion of the event. If they are also useful for the recipient, so much the better.
The personalization will take care of anchoring the object and the memory. Just printing the date and the names of the bride and groom will be sufficient. As for the object, however, you will have to think about finding one that affects the guests. If you can't think of any accessories, you can think of something useful for the season in which the wedding is held.

Personalized gadgets for a summer wedding

Summer is the privileged season to get married. For this reason, it is not infrequently necessary to deal with the heat and sultriness.

So why not offer guests gadgets that can help them tolerate the high temperature better? It will certainly please all those present to receive a fan to fan themselves. IEPICPRINT offers you two models:

the cheaper plastic fan is available in 8 colors and can be customized however you like.
the wood and polyester fan, slightly more expensive, has a base with exposed wood while the upper semicircle is colored. Colors and methods of customization are the same as for the plastic article.

Personalized gadgets for a winter wedding

It is no longer so rare to get married in the cold season.

In winter there are no heat problems and you can wear clothes and accessories which, in the summer season, are discarded a priori due to the climate. On the other hand, there is the danger of rain.

As they say: wet bride lucky bride. For the guests, however, the saying does not apply and it could therefore be a good idea for a wedding gadget to give them an umbrella. IEPICPRINT has a wide range of customized umbrellas, in various types and colors, to satisfy every need and make sure you find the item that best suits the mood of your celebration.

Maybe in the end it won't even rain but social security will pay you back anyway: each guest will in fact be happy to receive your wedding gadget because she will have received a useful object to face the grayest days.

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