How to choose custom t-shirts

How to choose custom t-shirts

T-shirts are certainly an object of daily use, which we use to go to work or school, to play sports or simply to go for a walk.
Instead of giving away the classic personalized diaries or pens, many companies prefer to customize simple t-shirts with the logo. Customizing a t-shirt is, in fact, a process capable of involving people who, in this way, have the opportunity to show off your brand.
Although this is a creative process that requires imagination, everyone can personalize company t-shirts, perhaps not limiting themselves to the use of the logo alone, but adding an image, a photo, a drawing or an original writing in order to make the t-shirt capable of attracting attention.
Keep in mind that sometimes the result will not be what you hoped for, in order to guarantee good results, not only in the choice of graphics, but also in terms of the technical characteristics of the t-shirt, we provide you with all the useful information to create aesthetically personalized t-shirts pleasant and quality.


Even before selecting the graphics or print to apply on the shirt, you need to choose the model of the latter. In this sense, the advice is to choose a model capable of enhancing one's physical characteristics and which is well suited to the type of use.
The classic personalized t-shirt doesn't always go well with the serious and professional style of some companies, but this doesn't mean that you should give up promoting your brand with the cheap means of personalized t-shirts. A On these occasions you could replace the shirt with a personalized polo or a personalized shirt.
There are many companies and commercial activities that provide their employees with customized corporate polo shirts with printing or, even more frequently, with the embroidery of the company logo.

In the winter season it is also possible to opt for personalized long-sleeved shirts, to which the print can also be applied laterally.
Only after understanding the type of shirt you want to personalize can you proceed with the choice of the model, which can be for men, women or children.
In any case, it is advisable to prefer loose fits, in line with the corporate style and use.


As previously mentioned, a t-shirt is one of the personalized gadgets that most stimulates interest and helps to promote one's image effectively. Precisely for this reason it is possible to make a distinction between the shirts we use every day and the t-shirts designed for sports. The latter, in fact, are made with completely different fabrics, capable of increasing the quality of sports performance as they are breathable and waterproof. Personalized sports shirts are the ideal choice to strengthen the union between the members of a team or sports association and its supporters, just think of the purchase of personalized team shirts by fans.
Totally different speech what, however, concerns the classic t-shirts, usually made of cotton or cotton blend.
Unlike the former, these are certainly characterized by greater comfort and a different wearability. Furthermore, in recent years, the great awareness of environmental issues has allowed companies to develop new fabrics made using recycled materials, such as organic cotton t-shirts.

Fabrics for custom t-shirts and t-shirts

Just the fabrics represent one of the biggest variables in the choice of t-shirts to customize.
These can be of different types, depending on the intended use of the shirt and depending on the season.
T-shirt fabrics can be:

organic cotton;
combed cotton;
ring spun;

Cotton is certainly the most used fabric in the making of t-shirts. In addition to being easily customizable, this material ensures good resistance, lightness and, above all, high comfort.
These features make cotton T-shirts the perfect garment for any season.
Cotton can in turn be divided into:

organic cotton: made with total respect for the environment through a complex natural process that does not involve the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Precisely the non-use of these chemical substances makes the fabric soft and particularly resistant.
combed cotton: an even softer and more resistant variant of the traditional one and does not present any type of impurity, as the production process removes the short fibers, often subject to breakage.
Jersey and ring spun

The processing of the jersey and ring-spun fabrics involves the interweaving of the threads which makes the shirt soft and pleasant to wear.
These materials are adopted by many customers who choose iepicprint personalized t-shirts.


Unlike cotton, polyester is not grown naturally, as it is a synthetic material.
In most cases, polyester t-shirts are used in sports fields, because they are breathable and able to dry quickly.


Jerseys for sports use can also be made of rayon, a fiber which due to its low quality is destined to deteriorate quite quickly. Despite this, rayon also has some positive sides, among all the wearability and affordable cost.

Fabric weight

An equally important aspect in choosing personalized t-shirts is the weight of the fabrics.
This term defines the weight of the shirt and, consequently, the higher the weight, the higher the weight will be. This aspect is calculated in grams per square meter (g/m2) and, in most cases, is indicated on the plate.
Items weighing less than 150 g/m2 are defined as light and can be perceived as low quality. In addition, in the case of particularly light colours, the shirt may appear slightly transparent, precisely because of the reduced thickness.
We can consider t-shirts extremely heavy when the weight is greater than 180 g/m2, in this case, the t-shirts may be less comfortable as they are stiffer and heavier.
With this weight we find heavy garments suitable for winter.
Choosing a standard weight (150 g/m2) means opting for light and comfortable garments, while all those fabrics whose weight is around 180 g/m2 are more full-bodied and tending towards heavy.

Finishes and details

The T-shirts can also be distinguished by the finishes and details.
To create a personalized t-shirt, therefore, it is also necessary to choose the product characterized by the details that are most preferred.
T-shirts differ primarily in the length of the sleeves, which can be short or long.

Custom Short Sleeve T-Shirts: Can be worn in both winter and summer. Their low cost makes them perfect for any occasion: as a gift at trade fairs or for the launch of a startup, to be worn by the staff of your club or at events.
Personalized long-sleeved T-shirts: perfect for mid-seasons and capable of lend themselves to different combinations. In fact, these can be worn alone or, alternatively, combined with jackets or cardigans, especially in periods characterized by colder temperatures.
As for the finishes, full-bleed prints are all the rage, customizations in which the print extends to the raw edge of the shirt, without any black or white margin. In addition to aesthetic reasons, this type of printing is adopted to allow for better management of variations in the size and alignment of the print.
The great influence that sportswear has had on casual fashion and on fashion in general has contributed to applying some typical characteristics of customized technical fabric sweaters to cotton ones. Among these is undoubtedly the sweatband in the neck, a reinforcement useful for hiding any traces of sweat.

Customization of t-shirts and t-shirts with company logo

Only once every detail relating to the shirts has been understood is it possible to proceed with the actual customization. When customizing the shirts, it will be possible to choose multiple areas. Among these, the ones most subject to printing are certainly sleeves, chest or shoulders, in order to reduce costs, it is also possible to use the same graphics on multiple areas. It is possible to opt for this solution when the graphics have the same height and the same width.

Who do you give a personalized T-shirt to?

A custom t-shirt can be the perfect solution to promote your company and create a sense of community and integration. The employee who receives the t-shirt customized with your logo will increase the awareness of belonging to the group, while if given to customers and/or suppliers they will interpret the gesture as attention and care towards them.
What better opportunity to advertise dynamically and spread the brand among other potential customers?

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