Gadgets for customized bathing establishments with logo

Gadgets for customized bathing establishments with logo

Gifting customers with customized gadgets with logos is an increasingly popular activity even among beach establishments. In fact, the possibility of creating different and personalized beach accessories allows you to advertise yourself through customer satisfaction who will be able to show off the product with your logo on the beach or in his spare time.
Creating a welcome kit to be delivered upon payment of the seasonal rental is certainly a way to entice customers to confirm the following season, as well as a way to bring new ones closer. The gadgets for bathing establishments can be of many different types, and here below we have tried to select only 5 of those that can be, as well as beautiful, also the most useful and usable during the summer season.

The 5 best gadgets for bathing establishments

Based on their utility and size, personalized beach accessories can be the most diverse. Provided that the name of the establishment is clear, customization can take place by inserting images, original phrases or the simple logo in a visible but, if possible, minimally invasive way. To help you choose a gift kit with personalized gadgets, which can also be packaged as a unique gift for the most loyal customers, we have thought of the five items that we all feel we need during moments of relaxation on the beach.

Custom caps

Custom caps are useful for covering the head during the hottest hours of the day, but they are also a fashionable element that is useful for completing a beach look. Furthermore, the main feature is that of giving maximum visibility to the logo which can be printed or embroidered on it. There are mainly three models of customized caps for the summer season:
• The baseball cap with visor;
• The natural straw hat;
• The fisherman's hat.
Instead, there are many more materials, and among these it is possible to mention the stretch cotton used for the baseball cap without back closure, the 100% jersey cotton of the New Jersey 5-panel cap, the heavy cotton of the Actiwear model, the 100% cotton the 5-panel Stripe model or the Skyline bucket hat. Among the other materials used for summer hats, it is also possible to select polyester or a cotton and polyester mix.

Personalized water bottles

A useful gadget as a gift could be the personalized thermal bottle which, as you can read in the article "How to choose a thermal bottle", manages to keep the temperature of the liquid inside constant thanks to its insulating characteristics. The water bottle is a friend of the environment, and even more of the beaches that usually fill up with plastic at the end of the day. If the thermal version has a slightly higher cost due to its qualities, to create gadgets for bathing establishments with which to pay homage to customers, you can opt for the purchase of a personalized water bottle in steel, aluminum or hard plastic such as the Aspen water bottle.

Custom tank tops and T-shirts

Personalized clothing is always highly appreciated by those who receive it and it is also an excellent product to show off and circulate your logo. To convey the message of a bathing establishment that is attentive to the environment and attentive to customer care, you can choose from the many models made in organic cotton, such as the Ladies' Basic-T t-shirt, on which it is possible to proceed custom print. These garments can become an integral part of beachwear, and be worn for other activities such as walking, sports or hiking. In this way the customer will always have you with him, and will never stop thinking about the luck of having chosen you.

Custom beach towels

In cotone o in microfibra, i teli da mare personalizzati sono l’asso nella manica per conquistare i propri clienti con qualcosa di utile e mai scontato. Visto il costo più esoso possono rientrare tra quei prodotti con cui omaggiare i clienti più fedeli o, perché no, diventare prodotti logati da vendere in spiaggia per coinvolgere maggiormente i consumatori.

Custom beach shoppers

Custom shopping bags are now among the most used gadgets when you want to pay homage to the public with something unique, useful and inexpensive. The materials indicated for these light but super-capacious bags are mainly:
• Cotton and organic cotton, used for example for the production of Organic Cottonel;
• TNT, an artificially created non-woven fabric with which models such as Aisha are made, available in many different colours;
• Jute, a natural and very resistant textile fiber with which it is possible to create models such as the Juhu Shopper.
In recent years Pet is spreading, an ecological material coming from recycled bottles, with which beautiful shoppers are made such as the Tote Pet, the resistant polypropylene, the bamboo fiber, and the synthetic polyester fiber already widely used in the textile sector .

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