Corporate Christmas gifts

Corporate Christmas gifts

Christmas Day is one of the most awaited dates of the year. Perhaps the most awaited ever. When the warm season ends you start waiting for it, exactly in the same way as you do with the summer holidays, as soon as spring gives way to summer.
What fascinates us about this period is not only the possibility of unplugging for a few days, but also its atmosphere: the food, the songs, the possibility of spending time with those who are dear to us and, last but not least, the exchange of gifts.
The Christmas spirit will inevitably pervade your company too. Collaborators, employees, suppliers and even you: everyone will experience the so-called Christmas magic. Someone will be more involved and someone less but you will find joy and good humor on every face. In Western culture, December 25 is now much more than a religious celebration.

Why is it important to give Christmas gifts?​

The exchange of gifts is not an end in itself, it is not just a polite gesture or a good practice.
Think about how you feel when you receive a gift and consider how you feel. It's about rewarding your employee, or collaborator, for everything they do for you. It is a way of demonstrating how important it is for the company as well as how much it respects him as a worker and as a person.
Dedicating a few minutes to exchanging Christmas gifts represents an investment of time capable of bringing a great return on image: you will be able to spread a positive culture and contribute to employee loyalty. In this way, he will feel more connected to the company. Don't underestimate this moment, as it is a powerful team building opportunity.

Gift ideas for corporate Christmas

This is the ideal time to reward employees or colleagues.
Christmas Day comes a week before the end of the year and it is customary to exchange gifts: take the opportunity to show all your gratitude to those who work alongside you on a daily basis, sharing the burdens and honors of your professional activity with you. To do this, prepare gadgets or corporate gifts for Christmas and distribute them throughout the company.

What to give employees, suppliers and customers at Christmas

The gift represents a possibility for the company to excite and involve, attracting employees, suppliers and customers to itself. In order to truly touch the emotional strings, however, it is necessary to like and satisfy.
There are many possible corporate Christmas gifts, from the usual food basket to shopping vouchers. You also have the option of giving away personalized gadgets. If you wish, you can opt for a Christmas basket, filled however with objects and accessories.
We advise you to diversify the gadgets you will give away, in order to avoid presenting everyone with the same solution. If you need some ideas, we present some Christmas proposals.
Given the period, it is possible to give themed accessories and ornaments, customizable Christmas decorations to celebrate the serene and festive atmosphere of this occasion, or personalized, nice and useful Christmas gadgets to decorate the home and office in anticipation of the night of the Nativity .
With this in mind, you can give a nice package containing the selected gadgets inside. Enclosing the chosen accessories in a pleasant and practical package will make them immediately more attractive.

Personalized corporate gifts: a wonderful idea!

The most typical gadgets are usually very effective. They may seem classic to you, or even banal, but often times they are the best decision you can make. In the office, for example, it's always nice to have handy stationery. Even at Christmas. A beautiful pen customized with a logo, for example, will be useful to everyone.
Given the proximity to New Year's Eve, why not donate an agenda? Ideal for better planning the days of the new year right away, it represents another great gift idea.
There are many personalized 2023 diary templates you can choose from. For a corporate gift to employees or collaborators, we recommend the colorful Sailor weekly diary or the hard cover desk planner, both customizable. Another proposal is the line of customized Reflexa diaries, in various formats and sizes, all trendy and elegant, to carefully plan or narrate every day or week in the company.
This item can also be part of a gift box, containing more than just one item.

The importance of gift wrapping

When you have chosen what to give, worry about how to present it. Often a lot of time is spent selecting the gift and little thinking about how to present it. How many times have we delivered a gift only inside the packaging of the shop where it was purchased, adding at most a red bow?
Contrary to what you might think, the casing is of great importance. Psychologically, in fact, we tend to judge a gift before having discarded it. The more we like the packaging, the greater the chance that the content will also satisfy us.

Some ideas for personalized Christmas packaging

To properly pack a Christmas present you don't need to have great creative skills, although they help, of course. In fact, it is possible to find valuable and highly appreciated packages for sale.
Traditional Christmas colors are green, red, gold, silver, white and blue. The shape of the packaging should be established according to its content. If the thought is easy to pack, because it has a rigid shape and consistency, we can opt for a paper package; if, on the other hand, it is a soft product, or with an irregular silhouette, it is better to choose a rigid one. In this case, even a fabric bag will do.
Each package knows how to make its content unique and special. It is not only the gift itself that is precious, but also the packaging that surrounds it.
Will you choose a Christmas packaging for bottles? Or do you need another format to enclose your corporate Christmas gadget? We have personalized Christmas bags for all tastes. Alternatively, you can place your corporate gifts in a personalized Christmas box with logo and seasonal motifs.

Bringing a Christmas gift box to life: which products to include

Each gift is therefore made up of content and container. Are you interested in assembling a customized package? You can compose it by inserting some gadgets in an IEPICPRINT Christmas envelope that contains them like a casket.

Any of the suggested packages will do just fine. For the objects to be inserted inside you are spoiled for choice. Here are some solutions we can recommend:

Christmas basket of gadgets: an original alternative to the usual food basket. Why not donate a box full of customizable decorations or personalized Christmas gadgets?
stationery kit for the office: ideal if you are more interested in the usefulness of the aesthetics. Pens with logo, notepads and customized diaries don't have the same charm as Christmas products but are more useful in everyday life. By gifting a set of these products with your logo you will always be in plain sight;
full of technology: another valid idea is to insert technological products inside the Christmas package. This is not only true for those who work in the sector, as for pleasure or for pleasure we all spend a lot of time in front of screens. For this reason, personalized gadgets for mobile phones, computers and bluetooth devices can be an excellent gift to give to colleagues, customers and suppliers on the occasion of Christmas. Visit our section dedicated to customizable technological gadgets and choose the ones you prefer.

Take a look at our gift packaging proposals, comfortable and easy to carry. You will surely find the one that best suits you and your company.

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